Content: Suzanne Buzek | Art: Natalie Pike

Cincinnati AMA was very pleased to have Mike Corak of DAC Group present to the chapter on March 18 and share his take on digital marketing trends for 2016. Suzanne Buzek shares this recap of Mike’s presentation.

The “meh’s”

  • Internet of Things
  • Programmatic Buying
  • Marketing Automation

What Deserves Your Focus

  • User-centered everything
  • Social evolution
  • More effective content marketing
  • Media budgeting
  • Omni-channel integration

And now…The List

1. Customer Experience is #1

Think: Audience-focused content strategy + user design = endless possibilities

2. Mobile Maturity

Your go-to checklist:

  • Mobile-first experiences (think about your emails)
  • Understanding of mobile intent
  • Local marketing integration
  • Mobile-friendly media, landing pages
  • Analytics and optimization

3. Content Quality of Quantity

Deal with your redundant, outdated and trivial (“ROT”) content

4. What Happens if Google Isn’t #1?

Consider your paid strategy—media, social, apps, influencers and new partners, etc.

5. Local Gets it Right

Get rid of those “Claim this business”es on your Google search

6. Influencer Marketing is Here to Stay

According to Nielsen, advertising from companies is trusted 47% of the time, while friends and family are trusted 92% of the time. Edelman cites company experts as trusted 66% of the time.

7. Top Performance From Integration

Digital and traditional marketing must talk to each other.

8. Staffing Scrappy

The best hire might not have the perfect resume.