Author: Suzanne Buzek
AMA is embarking on a major membership transformation, with important updates that Cincinnati Marketers need to know.

Join us in giving a jolly “Congratulations!” to our December Volunteer (Partner) & Board Member of the Month.

AMA Cincinnati has earned Platinum – Continuing Excellence recognition from the national AMA organization. Thank you to all who helped us in this journey!

Join us in giving a hearty “Congratulations!” to our November Volunteers & Board Members of the Month.

Several members of AMA Cincinnati had the pleasure of being part of UC AMA’s Collegiate Conference. The experience was a reminder in how important it is to help prepare today’s students to be our future marketing colleagues and collaborators.

Author: Marce Epstein
VEGA, a global manufacturer of process instrumentation, adopted a laser focus on the customer journey to significantly improve on-time delivery.

Author: Meghann York
AI is making its way into marketing departments across the world, and some marketers are starting to see that they can’t function without it.

Author: Simcha Kackley
Sales people are losing their mojo around the world. Learn more about the importance of sales and marketing alignment using focused strategies and tactics.

We are proud to announce the launch of the Trailblazer Series. You may have attended our “Signature Speaker Series” in the past. The Trailblazer Series is the newest iteration of that program — but with a laser-focus on leadership and innovation.

Join us in giving a hearty “Congratulations!” to our October Volunteers & Board Members of the Month.

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