Attention Marketing Executives: Introducing The AMA Executive Marketer Community

Exclusive Benefits for Marketing Executives

The AMA Executive Marketer Community

Marketing executives face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The American Marketing Association is here to help you navigate through the “loneliness at the top” reality to connect with other similarly experienced marketers for meaningful problem-solving support.

AMA Executive Marketers have exclusive access to unique benefits and to an exclusive network of high-achieving peers.

Benefits of the AMA Executive Marketer Community

AMA Executive Marketer exclusive benefits include:

  • Private Community: Access to a private, online community where members can collaborate, post requests, and ask questions. Executive Marketer participants pledge confidentiality, so they can talk openly to solve complex business challenges.
  • D & B Hoovers: Access to D & B Hoovers to help you find the right person to connect with and reach qualified leads.
  • Exclusive Events for You: Executive Marketer specific programming at AMA national and local events. Whether it’s exclusive executive discussions, special access to speakers, or unique networking activities, we are here to help to meaningfully connect marketing executives.
  • Special Programming Access: AMA Cincinnati offers Executive Marketers the opportunity to apply to its CMO Roundtable Program (a partnership with the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber) at an additional cost.

As an AMA Executive Marketer, you will also have access to other AMA member benefits, including:

To Apply for the AMA Executive Marketer Community

Requirements for inclusion in the AMA Executive Marketer Community include meeting the criteria listed below.

If you meet these criteria, we encourage you to apply to the AMA Executive Marketer Community by completing the online application and emailing your resume to Ruth Bardos, Director of Operations & Administration, Executive Marketer Community, American Marketing Association ( and copying Dennis Devlin, VP Executive Marketer, AMA Cincinnati (

  • Current AMA member
  • Responsible for the full communications and marketing operation of your organization
  • Members must currently hold, and in the case of currently being in transition, have held in their most previous position and are currently seeking an equivalent or greater title, one of the following titles (or the equivalent): Chief Communications Officer or Chief Marketing Officer, EVP/SVP/VP, Managing Director or Partner
  • Has 15+ years in marketing or communications    
  • Has 10+ years managing budgets and profit and loss statements
  • Has 10+ years successfully leading and developing teams
  • Acknowledgement of the importance of confidentiality and discretion regarding Executive Marketer discussions

Apply Today!

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Email your resume to Ruth Bardos at the AMA Support Center ( and copy Dennis Devlin of AMA Cincinnati (

You will be notified via email a few weeks after submitting regarding acceptance.

AMA Executive Marketer Community Contacts

If you have any questions about the AMA Executive Marketer Community, please contact Ruth Bardos of the AMA Support Center.

If you have questions specific to local opportunities for those in the Executive Marketer Community, please contact:

Dennis Devlin Dennis Devlin
VP, Executive Marketer
AMA Cincinnati Board of Directors