The Cincinnati metropolitan area, stretching across a vibrant tri-state region and reaching the world via its wealth of marketing expertise, is home to some of the strongest leaders in our industry. These seasoned marketing executives and rising stars may be more likely seen at the podium than in the audience, but they value a lively peer discussion, and AMA Cincinnati supports a strong and growing CMO community. They serve as highly valued networking partners, hiring managers, sponsors, speakers and trusted advisors for AMA Cincinnati.

CMO Roundtable Program

CMO-large-crop-300x92To best serve this high-powered community, AMA Cincinnati presents CMO Roundtable in partnership with the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.

The CMO Roundtable Program – through professional facilitation – provides an opportunity for those with marketing leadership responsibilities in their respective organizations to participate in candid, confidential discussions with others who understand and share the unique challenges and opportunities of leading and developing successful marketing strategies and teams for businesses and nonprofits.

The CMO Roundtable Program allows marketing leaders to:

  • Connect with peers to exchange, create, and promote more ideas for better marketing
  • Discuss strategic marketing topics and issues at a CMO-level
  • Consider various tactical approaches to best implement marketing strategies
  • Gain diverse perspectives, creating visionary solutions and ideas
  • Interact with resourceful and engaged leadership peers
  • Grow personally and professionally in an intellectually stimulating environment
  • Scope out potential opportunities and gain valuable input into how to best leverage them
  • Dive deeper into a myriad of marketing challenges and gain constructive feedback
  • Develop best practices across multi-channel platforms, social media, and traditional media, with a similarly-experienced group
  • Share new knowledge with their organization’s marketing staff and colleagues
  • Build their professional networks
  • Become an American Marketing Association member (included in the program cost)

Critical Discussions

As the marketing landscape continues to change and evolve faster than ever before, this program will also change and evolve to allow marketing leaders to more effectively address the marketing challenges and opportunities, discuss them with a similarly-experienced group of marketing leaders, and take the learning back to their respective companies and organizations. The CMO Roundtable Program consists of groups of marketing leaders that encourage collaboration in a place where ideas can be freely expressed and respectfully challenged in a safe and confidential environment.

We welcome you to join us. download the Brochure and/or fill out an application today!

For more information, please contact:

Dennis Devlin Dennis Devlin
Chair of the CMO Roundtable Program

Partners in the CMO Roundtable: