Marketing Executives

The Greater Cincinnati area, stretching across a vibrant tri-state region and reaching the world via its wealth of expertise, is home to some of the strongest marketing leaders.

These experienced marketing executives may be more likely seen at the podium than in the audience, but they value a lively peer discussion. AMA Cincinnati supports this strong and growing community.

In turn, these marketing executives serve as highly valued networking partners, hiring managers, sponsors, speakers, and trusted advisors for AMA Cincinnati.

If you’re a marketing executive in Cincinnati, AMA Cincinnati has something new for you:

Introducing the AMA Executive Marketer Community

Marketing executives face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The American Marketing Association is here to help you navigate through the “loneliness at the top” reality. Connect with other similarly experienced marketers for meaningful problem-solving support.

The American Marketing Association has introduced a new Community specifically to support the growth and development of marketing executives.

The AMA Executive Marketer Community offers exclusive benefits, as well as access to a network of high-achieving peers.

Membership is exclusive to AMA members, and participation is free!


CMO Roundtable Program

The CMO Roundtable program enables members of the AMA Executive Marketer Community to participate in a deeper engagement — candid and confidential discussions with others who understand and share the unique challenges of leading effective marketing teams and initiatives, managing profitable marketing budgets, and developing successful marketing strategies and tactics.

The CMO Roundtable is made possible through a partnership between the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber and the Cincinnati Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA Cincinnati).


Join this High-Powered Community

Dennis DevlinIf you have questions or want to learn more about local opportunities for marketing executives, please contact:

 Dennis Devlin
VP Executive Marketer, AMA Cincinnati Board of Directors
Chair of the CMO Roundtable

Executive Marketer Community and CMO Roundtable Sponsor Partner