You aren’t complacent in your role, and neither are we. That’s why AMA Cincinnati is enhancing the Trailblazer experience!

Laser-focused on innovation and leadership, Trailblazer Series events will still feature industry experts who are blazing a trail in our industry’s hottest new topics — now with new and improved networking opportunities to make lunch interesting again!

Making lunch interesting again

We’ve been listening to you and what you want from events. Beginning with November’s Trailblazer Series event, we are introducing Lunch Huddles.

Now, in addition to the knowledge you’ll gain from our Trailblazing speaker(s), you can expect to get more out of your lunch, too. Each lunch table will have at least one AMA partner, Board Member, or subject matter expert to help facilitate conversations around the afternoon’s topic. This is your time to network, ask questions, and learn from peers.

AMA Cincinnati is all about giving you a customized experience, even down to the food! No more plated entrees: the first lunch huddle will feature build-your-own taco stations so you can create a satisfying lunch to your liking. 

Tips for making the most of Trailblazer Series Events and Lunch Huddles

No matter how you feel about networking, it’s a buzzword that still has meaning and something we take seriously at the AMA. Networking is important to help you advance your personal career or forge new business. Here are our tips for making the most of your Trailblazer investment: 

  1. Come with a clear goal in mind to help facilitate more effective conversations
  2. Talk to people outside of your typical network
  3. Ask people questions about themselves– you never know what you’ll learn
  4. Don’t be shy about exiting a down-hill conversation, but leave it open-ended for the future
  5. Suggest a casual, comfortable way to stay in touch after the event

The world isn’t slowing down – and neither are we!

Have you achieved the marketing and sales goals you set for your business? Did you even consider the importance of setting and tracking marketing goals? We constantly find ourselves in a new digital era of marketing, struggling to navigate through an influx of new ideas, tools, and channels of communication.

AMA Cincinnati Trailblazer Series is committed to being your continued marketing resource for all things CX, data, Martech, content, sales, creative, research and more! When you attend an AMA Trailblazer event, you are making an investment in yourself and in your business. We’re excited to see you at our next event!

Be part of the enhanced Trailblazer experience on November 15, 2019 as we explore Personalization vs. Privacy: Making Sense of the Privacy Paradox. Learn more and get your ticket today!