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CX and Sales Enablement Community

Topic: Content in Context: How to Keep Humans and Bots on the Same Page
Facilitators;  Gina Bonar and Carolyn Dickerson

You’ve heard all about the value of content for CX and Sales Enablement, right? And of course, you know all about keywords based on search volume, and how they can help you get people to your website. But are they the RIGHT people? Is the increased traffic driving leads and conversion, or does the pipeline still seem to be a little stopped up?

It may surprise you to know that content and keywords alone are just the tip of the content marketing iceberg. That’s why the idea of a content marketing campaign often requires starting with your website, and sometimes even going further back to the foundation of your value proposition. Why? Because words matter, but context matters EVEN MORE.

This has always been true for us as humans, but now Google has made it just as true for the bots in its latest search algorithm. There is huge competition for your customers’ attention AND for the search engine bots. But successfully connecting on both fronts is a constant – and constantly changing – challenge, opportunity, and a necessity for true optimization.

Session attendees will gain practical insight on:

  1. The keys to developing an efficient, effective content marketing strategy that does its job of driving engagement and inbound leads
  2. How contextual content marketing can inform, evolve and even reshape your business
  3. A real-life case study that demonstrates the revelations and rewards of embracing the true potential of content marketing in context for CX & Sales Enablement


Gina Bonar is an independent marketing strategy & services consultant, VP of Strategic Alignment for the Cincinnati Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA), and leadership advisor on the national AMA Professional Chapters Council (PCC). She holds an MBA from Kellogg and an MS IMC/PR from Medill School of Journalism.

Gina delivers strategic planning, content marketing, website development, sales support and all forms of writing for small and mid-sized companies in industry sectors including manufacturing, distribution, financial services, marketing research and SaaS. Her strategic mindset and foundational focus help clients:

  • Identify the root of their marketing challenges
  • Uncover opportunities for improved marketing efficiency, effectiveness and ROI
  • Optimize go-to-market strategy, messaging, website, content and activities
  • Deliver leads, engagement, CX, revenue and business growth

Gina has held various leadership and delivery roles with B2B and B2C brands including Deloitte, Mercer, JLL, US Gypsum  Owens Corning.

More background on Gina is available at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ginabonar/


Carolyn Dickerson, AMA CincinnatiCarolyn Dickerson is an independent digital marketing consultant and VP of Communities for the Cincinnati Chapter of the American Marketing Association. She holds an MBA from Thomas More College with an Associate Degree in Computer Science and is a Certified Technical Trainer (CompTIA CTT+).

She has the unique ability to review the digital marketing assets of an organization and then turn the stumbling blocks into stepping stones to increase leads and sales using digital and traditional sales and marketing tactics.

  • Managed 100+ projects ranging from $100K-$2.5 M on budget and on time, 1000+ hours of presenting and training on a wide variety of subjects including digital marketing, SEO, pay-per-click, lead generation, LinkedIn, and more
  • Successfully redesigned more than 850 websites with optimized retention and growth of leads and revenue

As a lifelong learner and contractor, she is always finding new resources and tools to make the most of marketing dollars to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Experienced in strategic planning and digital marketing, Carolyn has worked in the publishing industry, marketing agencies, radio, franchising, and many other industries.


About this Community: The CX and Sales Enablement Community delivers a forum on the 3rd Tuesday of the month where Cincinnati and NKY leaders review and discuss how to influence customer experience, improve sales results, increase Marketing ROI, drive integration and expand innovation, with levers spanning people, process and technology. 




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January 15, 2019
7:45 am - 9:15 am
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