By Contributing Blogger Afton Palmer

I’m not a blogger, or a writer. I am new to the marketing industry. But when I went to the Ann Handley “Bigger Bolder Braver” Signature Speaker Series and workshop in April, I realized I am more involved with writing and marketing than I had initially thought. The title of Ann’s book says it all: Everybody Writes.

The event itself was my first with Cincinnati AMA. Walking into the room and seeing professional marketers with a wide range of experiences and casually chatting and networking, I felt at home. At that point, where I was and where I needed to be were the same.

I learned a lot about how people think and react to certain situations, and how simple words can be misinterpreted. I was more than just entertained at the event, I was also enlightened and encouraged to keep reaching for my goals. Here is what stuck with me:

Content is everything. You can have an amazing website with tons of information, pictures, and words. But if your words have no depth, then people will have no idea what you are talking about. Ann told us about the quality versus quantity theory. Uncover that bigger idea. Be braver than your competition. Don’t be afraid to be bolder with what you say. I’m now calling these my “3 B’s” of content to help in my own work.

“Unique tone of voice is your gustiest, bravest asset.” Say no more! Ann covered what it means to have a braver voice. You can be direct, but still “find interesting ways to say boring stuff” as she put it.

Culture x Story x Empathy = Tone of Voice. Great content isn’t simple addition. It’s multiplying these factors to help the bigger story unfold, and ultimately, make a difference in your business.

Like I said, I am no blogger or writer but it’s not something that I can’t master. Everybody writes.


Afton Palmer is a new member to Cincinnati AMA and is excited to grow her skills and passion for marketing. In fact, she has been so inspired that she is launching her own website to feature her work and musings. Stay tuned on our blog to hear more from Afton. In the meantime, you can follower her on Twitter @AftonGabi.