By: Alejandra Bustacara

I will just come out with it: I love multinational advertising for luxury brands. I love analyzing the intricate differences between the brands, exploring the possibilities behind concepts of those advertising campaigns, and getting to be a part of them. From working on BMW, Audi, and Ducati in Colombia to my current role at Luxottica, the Italian corporation that houses brands like Ray Ban and Oakley, it’s a line of work that demands passion for cultures, languages, life … and sunglasses … and cars.

From the moment I first landed in the United States, I had such a pleasure recognizing what I thought was American culture from my home in Colombia: calm, organized, and with a multinational focus. It also became apparent what worldwide awareness premium car brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz have in Latin and North America, especially the nuances of how one brand is perceived as more exclusive than the other. Another distinction I noticed was, while Ducati had a strong presence in Latin American markets, it didn’t so much in North America. I had the opportunity to evaluate and understand the ‘why’ of how different markets behave since I was “brand new,” as people would say, to the United States.

When I moved from Colombia to the U.S., I decided to not hold on to previous assessments or inhibitions, simply approach this new chapter in kicking off a new career with an open mind. At work, I connect with colleagues and learn from them, strive for new projects and experience.

As I participate in the melting pot that is the United States, getting to know this culture has never been more fascinating. I think it’s just a matter of forgetting for a moment what’s in your mind and daring to think as others do. What do you get? Effective communication and a better comprehension of others’ standpoints (while adapting to the culture, yes, once again). And it doesn’t mean you’re changing yourself, but put oneself in else’s shoes.

Communicating will always be one of the most challenging parts of being in a foreign country, since nobody wants to be misunderstood from his/her truly original idea. Quite similar to what we do in Marketing when developing risky creative concepts, we want people clearly understand without effort. Those messages that besides information want to bring color and emotion to people’s lives, to streets like The Strip in Las Vegas, to walls like the Times Square, magazines like Rolling Stone, social networks like Instagram and Facebook, and to moments like the big momentum we want our customers to have like when ‘Bringing home the Birkin’ book relates or when driving a Ferrari. Something unforgettable and unique, that creates in others multiple once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

I’ve trained my marketer mind to be prepared for the changing world we live in, to receive it, to absorb it and to live it with a mindset of always approaching like you’re just on the tip of something great, as a friend of mine once said to me.

About Alejandra Bustacara

Alejandra Bustacara is a Marketing Professional from the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Colombia. She works at Luxottica North America as a Store Operations Coordinator for LensCrafters, participating also in PR events for the brand within the USA and Canada.  She worked before in Marketing and PR for BMW, Audi and Ducati Colombia. She is always seeking new traveling experiences and ways to grow her marketing skills. Her #passion for life, people and cars create her own personal brand.