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As a Member, you have exclusive opportunities in professional development, networking, knowledge sharing, learning, talent and job search, and of course, ways to save money on all of the above!

The Cincinnati Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA Cincinnati) strives to be the local voice, personification and spirit of the American Marketing Association; the essential community for marketers.

Consider the AMA as a “Coach,” “Badge,” and “Place” to help you in your career.


Marketing is moving fast. AMA helps members navigate the changes and untangle the mess. Together we can learn new skills, stay on top of trends, and make our next career moves.


Our history proves we’re an authority in seeing what’s coming next in the industry. Being a part of the AMA is perceived as a badge of credibility in understanding how to make an impact through marketing.


A diversity of experiences. A free exchange of professional ideas. A community to lean on and into for help. Opportunities to discover a sense of purpose. The AMA is the essential home for marketers.

Membership Types & Discounts



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  • National Membership Benefits
  • Membership in your AMA Collegiate Chapter
  • AMA Cincinnati Membership for only $10 more per year
  • Access to AMA collegiate events and competitions



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  • National Membership and all related benefits
  • Cincinnati Chapter Membership when selected as included Community
  • Opportunity to join a committee
  • Digital access to Marketing News Magazine



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  • All benefits of National Membership
  • Multiple memberships managed by a single-payer
  • AMA Cincinnati Membership when selected as included Community

Exclusive Resources

When you join the AMA, you are joining both a broad international organization with top resources and talent and a deep local network with extensive opportunities to connect, learn and grow your personal and professional brand. Here is a great starting point or reminder to capitalize on your investment.

AMA Member Resources

The American Marketing Association constantly generates and curates industry leading best practices, thought leadership, training and tools, much of which is available ONLY to members via secure log in.

Member Testimonials

“Being a member of AMA Cincinnati, I can connect with professionals who understand and appreciate the value of creatively engaging with their audience and continually strengthening their brand equity.”

Doug Klocke, Klocke Design – Marketing Communications & Design Volunteer, Sponsor

“AMA Cincinnati has been an adventure, blessing and growth opportunity all in one!

I have learned so much about the evolving marketing world — all while strengthening my networking and leadership skills. Thank you AMA Cincinnati!”

Sara Fay, VP of Marketing at First American Healthcare – VP Programming, Trailblazer Series, AMA Cincinnati

“It’s great to be a Marketer in Cincinnati because our city is a hub for marketing, brand and research professionals.

Even better is being engaged in the AMA where my network of resources, career support, and friendships have made my work and personal life much more enriched.”

Andy Noller HeadshotAndy Noller, Onsite Business Consultant, SPINS LLC – President Elect, AMA Cincinnati

“I have AMA Cincinnati to thank for helping me land my first “big girl” job after graduation.

Like many new grads, I had the struggle of trying to convince an employer that they should take a chance on me due to less experience. AMA Cincinnati helped me gain experience – but more importantly – I’ve gained a valuable network.”

Gabrielle Walter, Internal Communications Manager at Ensemble Health – VP Member Experience, AMA Cincinnati

“For me, volunteering with Cincinnati AMA has been pivotal to my professional development. I know of no better avenue to gain the experience, exposure, and relationships that help improve one’s “self-product” as well as the “self-brand”. As my experience has grown over the years, I’ve also had the rewarding opportunity to “pay it forward” to emerging marketing stars working with them side by side.”

Travis Nipper, Thomas More Corporate Relations

“It’s great to be a Marketer in Cincinnati because our city is a hub for marketing, brand and research professionals.

Even better is being engaged in the AMA where my network of resources, career support, and friendships have made my work and personal life much more enriched.”

Gina Bonar, CXO and Founder 5 Whys Marketing, LLC – VP Strategic Alignment, AMA Cincinnati

“AMA Cincinnati has been an extraordinary facilitator of business development and personal growth for my professional career. Within the first month of joining, I was attending weekly events and cultivating new relationships.”

Paul Colardo, AMA Cincinnati Membership Volunteer

“In more than 20 years as a marketer, I’ve found no single resource more valuable than AMA Cincinnati.

It starts with the amazing people who generously share their time, their points of view, and their passion for all aspects of marketing. It continues with a wonderful range of events where participants can sharpen their marketing chops while having a lot of fun and doing some great networking.”

Pete Healy, 7-Year Member

“I am an older college student with junior level experience in this industry. I work full time. I have a passion for getting to know people and helping them get to where they want to go. When I joined AMA Cincinnati, I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and being able to meet new people was crucial. This organization allows me to do just that. Not only am I supported professionally, I have made friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Afton G. Palmer, VP Member Recruitment and Inclusion, AMA Cincinnati