Free Year of Young Professional Membership for Graduating AMA Collegiate Members

Show of hands, who graduated this year?

On behalf of the Cincinnati AMA, we congratulate you and welcome you to your professional career!

We are excited to share that the AMA offers graduating undergraduate seniors who are members of a collegiate chapter one year of complimentary young professional membership, with national and local chapter dues waived.

Yes, you have to have graduated from undergrad and been a collegiate member to qualify.

This is a big deal. What a savings as you get on your feet with your permanent position (or as you search and land that perfect role)!

Here’s how it works:

  1. If you have been a collegiate AMA member, the AMA Support Center has sent you an email with a link to a form to upgrade to Young Professional Membership
    Quick, do a search of your inbox, anything in the last month or two
  2. Complete the online form linked in that email
    Don’t forget to include all updated contact information (address of your new pad, etc. Your alma mater can’t wait to get you off their server, so cut the cord and don’t use that email address)
  3. Enjoy your upgraded, YP membership status for a year
    And, don’t forget to get involved with your chapter! Because volunteering is what YPs are good at, darn it. The Cincinnati AMA has a YP group and committee just for you!
  4. Set a reminder for next year this time to renew your membership, enjoying the YP rate for two more years ($110 beats $220 any day, right?)

Didn’t get the email? Questions? Don’t freak out. That’s what the AMA Support Center is for. You can reach them at

Tick. Tock.