Friday, September 22, 2017

Customer Experience – Conference at a Glance


The Cincinnati Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA Cincinnati) presents our inaugural Ignite! Regional Conference this year, concentrating on the heart of the marketing matter: Customer Experience.

Join us on Friday, September 22 as we take a walk in the customers’ shoes. What do they need and want? Where and how do they buy? What do they expect from product and services providers? How are we different from the other guy? What makes us special, easy to do business with… valuable? Where does nurturing turn into a sale and vice versa? What are the tools we can use to communicate with, understand, and convert our customers? How deeply into the experience does the digital world dig? (Hint – we think it’s all the way!) With several iconic Keynote Speakers, deep-dive track sessions and workshops, peer networking, and a dynamic, interactive Experience Lounge, you will walk away inspired, empowered, equipped and ready to make an immediate impact on YOUR Customers’ Experience.

IGNITE 2017 Agenda_at_a_Glance

Keynote Speakers!

Jen Rodstrom, Temkin Group: The Six Laws of Customer Experience

Want Great Customer Experience? Don’t break the Six Laws

During this keynote presentation, Jen Rodstrom, a Customer Experience Transformist with Temkin Group, will share the Six Laws of Customer Experience and how to apply these principles to your own company. These laws describe fundamental truths about how people and organizations behave so companies can make smarter, more customer-centric decisions. We know great customer experiences can’t happen without everyone’s involvement, and the Six Laws will help you understand how to get your company treating customers how they wanted to be treated.

Patricia O’Connell and Thomas Stewart: Woo, Wow & Win: Service Design and the Future of Marketing

Woo, Wow, and Win: Service Design and the Future of Marketing

You may think you own your brand, but you don’t. Your brand is created by customer interactions. From the look and feel of your office to how you handle your customer service, you guide your customer into experiencing your brand. In this keynote presentation, Tom Stewart, Executive Director of the National Center for the Middle Market, and Patricia O’Connell, President of Aerten Consulting, will give you the tools you need to design a better customer journey, claim your spot in company leadership, and strategically drive smarter marketing.






Joel Book, Salesforce: Marketing in the Era of the Connected Customer

How Innovative Brands are Using Digital Marketing to Deliver a Unified Customer Experience

Marketing in The Era of the Connected Customer is more challenging than ever. And the margin for error is razor-thin. The reason is that today’s consumers are better-informed, impatient and more empowered than ever. And they expect a totally personalized experience at every stage of the customer experience life cycle. As modern marketing has shifted to delivery of data-driven offers and content tailored to the customer’s needs and interests, customer experience has surpassed product and price as the key differentiator for driving new and repeat purchases. In this session, Joel Book of Salesforce will discuss the major trends that are driving the transformation of marketing and share examples of brands that are innovative and effective practitioners of digital marketing, like L’OrealRoom & Board, and Calamos Investments.

Webinar: Jeanne Bliss CCO 2.0

Build Your Customer-Driven Growth Engine To earn the right to customer-driven growth requires a change in how leaders lead, and in how they unite the company to deliver experiences customers want to repeat and tell others about. Join Jeanne Bliss in a special webinar open only to Registrants of AMA Cincinnati’s 2017 Ignite! Conference, as she shares her proven 5-competency framework that has driven customer experience transformations and the success of Chief Customer Officers around the world. In this session you will learn: How to unite the C-Suite to be your partner, not a customer of the work How other CCOs have embedded the five competencies The path for making the work relevant, simplified and effective.

Speaker Tracks

Insights – Kindling to Build the Fire

Cindy Daumeyer, Astronomer

Climbing the Data Maturity Mountain

Imagine a world in which you have visibility into every aspect of the customer journey—insight into not only how your customer interacts with your product or service but also into who your customer is.

Getting more mature with data, however, is easier said than done. It requires an organizational commitment to data democratization, which is achieved when everyday decision-makers have access to a single, actionable source of truth. The future lies in unified information access.

Gaining breakthrough customer insights—and acting on them—faster than competitors is what gives companies the ability to disrupt their industry and win big. According to a study by Boston Consulting Group, strong innovators are 4.5x more likely to be adept at leveraging big data and analytics. Since this requires a cross-organizational commitment to data democratization, it’s a lot easier said than done. But with the right strategy, you can tee up your organization to advance analytics and secure a true competitive advantage.

Evan Carroll, IBM Futurist

Using Technology, Data and Analytics to Create a World-Class Customer Experience

In customer experience, there is no such thing as meeting expectations. You either exceed expectations or you fall short. According to an IBM study, more than three out of four customers expect organizations to understand their individual needs. Some call this the Amazon Effect. calls this info-sense, which is using data to understand and meet the individual, personalized needs of your customer.

Attendees will leave with:

1. Insights into how leading insurance and financial companies combine big data trends and small data insights to fuel a customer-centric approach to marketing and customer experience.

2. Examples from leading companies highlighting how they use data to create world-class customer experiences.

3. Inspiration to move their organization towards customer-centric marketing and create better digital experiences for their customers.


Natasia Malaihollo, Wyzerr

Using your experience data to self-disrupt not self-destruct.

You hear from the happy customers and you definitely hear from the unhappy customers, but what about the majority of your customers that sit in the middle? This silent demographic rarely provides feedback.  Their silence does not give you the insight necessary to improve your products or services. This session will walk through how to effectively implement a Voice of customer program at your company to gain the experience data needed to improve customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty.

Dennis Devlin, Consumer Clarity

Customer Experiences Valued by Millennial and Gen Z Customers

Most of us have probably heard about how much millennials value experiences more so than things, but what factors do you (or your clients) need to consider, assuring that the customer experiences you are creating for your brand (or your client’s brand) appeal to millennial customers? And do you know how these customer experiences might need to change to appeal to the next generation of customers, Gen Z?

Learn the customer experience requirements demanded by millennials, the fastest-growing consumer segment (and the least likely to be influenced by traditional marketing techniques). Learn, as well, what the newest generation of consumers – Gen Z – will demand from their customer experiences. All this critically important information about elevated customer experience expectations will be provided in an inspiring and educational talk shared by an in-demand public speaker who leads an agency that specializes in marketing effectively to millennial and Gen Z. consumers.

Behavior – Spark to Light it Up

Dave Townsend, Intrinzic

Developing a People-Aligned Culture that Motivates to Deliver

With enough customer insights, a dose of creativity and clear vision, it is not difficult to build the ideal customer experience…on paper that is. Because in truth, the greatest obstacle to brand experience is not insights or expectations, its having a culture of people aligned and motivated enough to deliver it. That’s because true customer experience comes to life through your employees and the thousands of interactions they have each day. In this session, we’ll help brands understand the immense influence culture has over brand experience. We’ll show companies how to build an organization that focuses on culture, teamwork and job satisfaction as the number one way to build experience. And we’ll help companies identify the commonalities they share with their customers, providing collaborative techniques that involve the customer in developing truly authentic and evolving brand experiences.

Matt Nitzberg, FamilyTech

Chris Bergman, FamilyTech

Optimizing Customer Experience to Change Behavior — What We’ve Learned from Helping Millions of Families Get Things Done

Most families and couples struggle to get daily and weekly chores and tasks done … or, more precisely … they struggle to get their kids, teens and partners to get *their* daily and weekly chores and tasks done. And the customer experience of traditional chore charts and various forms of nagging and nudging is far from delightful. FamilyTech has spent years focused on our mission of making every home a joyful place. Along the way, we’ve seen the power of combining technology, gamification, and relational accountability to shape behavior within families. We’re also seeing how this combination helps large organizations, as they meet the needs and shape the behaviors of their consumers, customers, clients, patients, and employees. Please attend this session if you’re interested in how brands and businesses can create better outcomes and shape the behavior of their key stakeholders.

Autumn Heisler, Dooley Media

Building Empathy into Your Content Development for Improved CX

Discover how an empathetic approach to problem-solving can help you create a better customer experience, marketing strategy, and social media presence. The foundation of successful marketing starts with understanding your target user. Design thinking isn’t just for designers.

DJ Switzer, FC Cincinnati







Matthew Dooley, Dooley Media

FC Cincinnati and Dooley Media Kick Around CX and the Boiling Point of Fan Frenzy

FC Cincinnati is a United Soccer League (USL) club that began play in 2016 after a year of building announced in 2015.  The club has been on fire since the start, setting and breaking USL attendance records with amazing frequency, and generating nothing short of Fan Frenzy on Social and traditional media. Due to the successful first year, the club has also generated national and international media coverage and is now regularly mentioned as a Major Soccer League (MLS) expansion candidate. How did the team go from flicker to flame so fast?  In this session, you’ll hear how they built the blaze through online and offline experience in a “fireside chat” style dialogue with FC Cincinnati Communications Director, DJ Switzer and Matthew Dooley, founder of Dooley Media.

Brand – Fuel to Make it Blaze

Dan Barczak, Creative Director/Partner, and Sherwood MacVeigh, Director of Strategy, Hyperquake

Stop Counting Impressions. Make One.

We’ve got more tools than ever before to gather and track important consumer data, while we’re immersed in a world evolving with automation, artificial intelligence, and augmented realities. And yet we know that data isn’t enough. So how can we turn all this data into meaningful insights that actually help us better relate, share an authentic point of view, build trust, and create a lasting relationship – not just another click or impression? Join Hyperquake to understand how to build a persona and start identifying shared values between your brand and the people you serve to move beyond data, and create an impression that people actually care about. With our human centric branding approach, and focus on core human values, personality and need states  – we will demonstrate “how” to make better impressions that are more relevant and relatable to your target audience –

David Galownia, Slingshot

Chris Howard, Slingshot

How to Innovate Product-Market Fit with Lean UX

With technology and marketing intertwining more and more in the digital age, we will discuss how the CMO/Marketing team can utilize Lean UX to quickly iterate on a product idea to find the right product-market fit, including how to conduct field interviews, creative techniques to brainstorming, narrowing scope to MVP, and testing with prototypes.  We’ll also focus on how the Lean UX process gets products in front of users quickly and de-risks large spends on digital experiences.  We’ll further share some of our actual experiences and give the audience some takeaways on how they can start utilizing the Lean UX process right away.

Dawn Shirley, 84.51°

Building Online Communities – Who has earned the right to bring their customers together, and what do you do with them then?

Modern advice is most retailers have few areas where they are seen as trusted partners who can bring their customers together online around a common interest. If you are as broad as a grocery retailer who strives to meet many needs but struggles to go deep into any one, how can you possibly be seen by your customers as a source of connection and community? The answer is your customers can show you the way if you listen.

Jeffrey Miller, Iocono

The Digital Marketing Revolution is Redefining Experiential Marketing

How is the digital marketing revolution redefining what Experiential Marketing is and how it can be implemented effectively? This session will be a hands-on exercise for the audience to engage with.

Loyalty – Air to Make It Strong & Sustained

Noah Fleming, The Customer Loyalty Loop

The Customer Loyalty Loop: The Science Behind Creating Great Experiences and Lasting Impressions

If there were a proven, scientific formula for building customer loyalty, would you want your business to follow it? Of course you would. And now, thanks to Noah Fleming, that formula exists. Industry thought leaders such as Dan Pink have hailed Noah’s best-selling book, The Customer Loyalty Loop, as a groundbreaking guide to the psychology behind building great customer experiences. Noah’s proven, scientific approach will teach you how to turn customers into raving evangelists for your business. Drawing from the book’s top takeaways, this speech will energizes you with mind-blowing facts about customer behavior. In this innovative program, participants learn how to:

• Implement a scientifically proven 4-step system for great customer experiences

• Encourage repeat business without resorting to trick promotions or gimmicks

• Use the “Butler Secret” to achieve dramatic sales results, no marketing needed

• Apply the “Bentley Strategy” to immediately increase customer loyalty and retention

• Understand—and leverage—key psychological factors that drive all buying decisions

Aldy Keene, Loyalty Research Center: The Promise and Peril of Customer Loyalty

The Promise and Peril of Customer Loyalty

Every successful organization has at least one thing in common – customer loyalty. Customers that continue doing business with you almost exclusively and proactively refer and others to your business. Conversely, unsuccessful organizations tend to have the opposite – no customer stickiness and they have to fight for their customers’ business every day. This is the promise of customer loyalty. Loyalty is directly tied to enterprise value and profitability. Nearly every organization wants to expand their loyal base of customers. However, many of these organizations start out with the best of intentions to capitalize on this potential with research and analytics into their customer base yet fail to breakthrough. Here’s the peril: why do some organizations with the best of intentions go down the wrong path with the wrong information and make the wrong decisions? In this session, we will frame the problem, explain why it occurs, provide case studies of both successes and failures, and prescribe a framework that you can apply to your business.

Don Gray, Sales Engineering Group

The Case for Relationship Reinforcement in the B2B Customer Journey

Winning customers just may be the easiest thing you do in growing your business. Retaining them and making them happy over the long run often times is more difficult. Even though you have successfully sold your customers on the value of your solution and your company, there is no guarantee that they will stay with you. An often-overlooked approach for retaining customers and reducing churn is to develop a process to continuously reinforce your total value to your customers in a way that they will recognize and appreciate. This session will provide insights on how you can improve the way you reinforce your value to your customers and have them recognize what you have done for them. The session is based on the principles from the book: The Paradox of Excellence – How Great Performance Can Kill Your Business, by David Mosby and Michael Weissman. The session will share insights into:

  • How you become invisible to your customers until it really matters
  • Examples of how companies have implemented value reinforcement processes
  • Techniques for developing your own value reinforcement process
Stan Phelps, Purple Goldfish Stan Phelps

Motivating Sales and Loyalty Through Shared Passion and Purpose

Purpose is changing the way we work and how customers choose business partners. In Red Goldfish, Stan Phelps and Graeme Newell share cutting edge examples and reveal the eight ways businesses can embrace purpose that drives employee engagement, fuels the bottom line, and makes an impact on the lives of those it serves. Red Goldfish is the fifth color in the Goldfish Series of books. It focuses on how purpose is driving loyalty and becoming the ultimate differentiator in business.


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