Friday, September 22, 2017

Ignite! CX Conference Speakers


Chris Bergman

CEO, FamilyTech

Chris Bergman, Founder and CEO of FamilyTech, believes that strong families are the foundation of strong communities. As a father and husband, Chris understands the challenges facing families in today’s busy world. As an entrepreneur, Chris has devoted his working life to putting technology in service to families — to “Bring Sanity to Families,” as we say at FamilyTech.

Chris founded FamilyTech (originally ChoreMonster) in 2012, convinced the digital revolution could connect and inspire families, including parents, teens, kids, and couples. Since its inception, FamilyTech has enrolled millions of users who have completed and rewarded tens of millions of tasks.

As part of his leadership at FamilyTech, Chris participated in start-up programs led by Techstars (Disney Accelerator) and The Brandery.

Prior to FamilyTech, Chris was a founding partner in Wiseacre Digital, and held positions of increasing responsibility at several entrepreneurial organizations.