Friday, September 22, 2017

Ignite! CX Conference Speakers


Chris Howard

CIO, Slingshot

Chris has spent the past 20 years creating innovative technology solutions.

He got his start with software in high school and eventually worked his way to leading large international software teams.  Early in his career, Chris created several technology products still in use by mortgage servicers today.  Those products eventually generated ~25M annually and were a huge success.

Most recently, Chris spent time in California being trained first-hand in how to design and implement solutions practicing Lean UX.

Today, Chris uses his sound understanding of business combined with his knowledge of what’s possible with technology to help business leaders make technology a driver of business, rather than an inhibitor.

He appreciates simplicity and looks for every opportunity to reduce risk and to eliminate unneeded complexity.  He views understanding the customer as essential to making technology work for Slingshot’s customers.