AMA Cincinnati Announces New Trailblazer Series

Newest iteration of the Signature Speaker Series focuses on leadership and innovation.

Marketing’s current reality has never been more exciting, overwhelming, and vast than it is today. In fact, it is believed that “no other segment of the business enterprise has had to work to redefine its role and mission” more than marketing. Marketing needs are now data-driven, innovative, fast-paced and digital. Marketers are expected to keep up with the evolving landscape, but the big question on our mind is: How do you learn, discover, and grow while concentrating on your day-to-day responsibilities?

AMA Cincinnati is proud to announce the launch of the Trailblazer Series. You’ve asked, and we’ve listened. This is our give-back to marketers who want to be inspired…to learn from an expert…to discover the unknown…to hear from a thought leader…to be actively involved…to experience… the Trailblazer Series will feature industry experts who are blazing the trail in our industry’s hottest new topics and arm you with key takeaways you can use in your marketing career.

You may have attended our “Signature Speaker Series” in the past. The Trailblazer Series is the newest iteration of that program — but with a laser-focus on leadership and innovation.

Why Attend the AMA Cincinnati Trailblazer Series?

Not only are we bringing industry trailblazers to our stage, but we recognize the trailblazer in you. You don’t settle for what you already know. You aren’t complacent in your role. You’re working within your organization to lead changes and try new things — to blaze trails, if you will. So our new Trailblazer Series is for you. If you are looking to be a leader in your field, try new things, and innovate, we invite you to join the excitement built into our new Trailblazer Series.

What AMA Cincinnati is Changing:

  • Our approach: quarterly, instead of monthly, events.
  • Intellectual Agenda: If you’ve been around AMA Cincinnati lately, you’ve likely heard members, volunteers, and event facilitators alike reference the “7 Big Problems.” AMA Cincinnati programming will hit on these 7 big problems and deliver best practices about what you can do to combat them. Recent and upcoming disciplines include:
    • Early fall = CX
    • Late fall = Martech
    • Winter = Content/creative
    • Spring = Innovation/research
      Additionally, the content of all of our Communities will complement these large umbrella themes.
  • More content. Because our Trailblazer Series features new and innovative topics, we’ll distribute thought-provoking content before, during and after the sessions. When possible, we’ll add supporting programming, such as workshops and additional events, so you can add as many resources possible to your toolbox.

What AMA Cincinnati is Keeping:

  • Lunch timeframe, with food served
  • Consistent venue (Cintas Center, unless otherwise noted or promoted)
  • Financial viability for attendees. The need to keep our events price-conscious for attendees and deliver meaningful value on our 501(c)3 shoestring budget is not lost on us. We will do everything we can to keep our Trailblazer Series events reasonably priced.
  • Opportunities to network. No matter how you feel about networking, it’s an essential part of being a professional. We will allocate time and space before and after the headline presentation for attendees to mingle, meet new people, and connect face-to-face.

Whether you’re an experienced marketing practitioner looking to leave your mark, an executive marketer mapping out the path for your team, or a new professional or student looking to find your way, the Trailblazer Series is for you!

We look forward to being inspiring, learning, innovating, and blazing new trails as we embark on this journey together!