Pat Frew, AMA Cincinnati

Pat Frew, leader of AMA Cincinnati’s Job Transition Group, Executive Director of the Covington Business Council, and past president of AMA Cincinnati, was recently featured in the American Marketing Association’s Marketing News on how the AMA Cincinnati chapter helps members and nonmembers create the networks needed to shift them into a new job.

“Over time—and coupled with my deep involvement with AMA Cincinnati—the [job transition program] became a part of the chapter’s initiatives. Conversations with the board at the time led to the realization that there was a need for this type of group among our regional members.”

A snapshot of AMA Cincinnati’s Job Transition Group

“We have attendees briefly share their broad experience level, what they envision their next ‘perfect job’ to look like and name several target companies where others in the group can help provide connection points. We also share community resources and networking opportunities, many of them free, where job seekers can enhance contacts. Occasionally, we host recruiters from often-mentioned target companies.”

“Since the program has become part of the AMA, we have helped hundreds of people find jobs,” said Frew. “We are open to anyone who has been laid off, is new to the region and hasn’t landed with a company yet, is employed but discreetly trying to meet new people and network outside of LinkedIn or is looking to pivot into marketing from an adjacent practice or discipline.

The renown of the Cincinnati AMA Job Transition Group spreads beyond the individuals who attend events.

“In the life of AMA chapters, leaders don’t often have the luxury to offer many free amenities to members or their communities because it’s the job of said leaders to drive revenue and have strong financial reserves,” explained Frew. “By offering the transition group to both members and nonmembers, we provide a free resource that enhances chapter member retention. This creates a level of gratitude among nonmembers, and they consider membership when they otherwise may not have.”

We look forward to the future and continuing to provide value for the vibrant marketing and creative community we enjoy in Greater Cincinnati.

We are so grateful to Pat Frew and tireless dedication to our community. Read the full article on Marketing News.

Through our commitment to our community during the novel coronavirus pandemic, we have moved all of our events to virtual delivery through the end of our chapter year (June 30, 2020).

Our Job Transition Group will be meeting virtually until further notice. Check out our event calendar to see all upcoming events!