AMA Cincinnati provides value to each person in a different way–some join for the networking, others for learning and professional development. Here’s just a sampling of how powerful AMA Cincinnati is for our members.

Member Testimonials in their own Voice

Member Testimonials In their own Words

“AMA Cincinnati has been an extraordinary facilitator of business development and personal growth for my professional career. Within the first month of joining AMA Cincinnati, I was attending weekly events and cultivating new relationships, ultimately resulting in new clients. It’s great networking!”

— Paul Calardo, 2-Year Member

For me, volunteering with AMA Cincinnati has been pivotal to my professional development.  I know of no better avenue to gain the experience, exposure, and relationships that help improve one’s “self-product” as well as the “self-brand”. As my experience has grown over the years, I’ve also had the rewarding opportunity to “pay it forward” to emerging marketing stars working with them side by side.

Travis Nipper, 3-Year Member

AMA Cincinnati provided the avenue for me to very quickly establish a base of credibility and community to build my professional brand and network when I was new in town.  It continues to serve as an amazing resource and talent pool, rewarding outlet for my creativity, safe haven for learning, and a truly wonderful group of friends.

— Gina Bonar, 3-Year Member

“AMA Cincinnati has had a dramatic impact on my professional and personal life.  At the second luncheon I met a member who became a client and partner, and found an industry consultant who has provided knowledge (and business opportunities) that would have taken me weeks to gain on my own.  The seminars, lunch meetings and SIGs provide constant opportunities to learn and are a tremendous resource for making contacts with the people I call on day-to-day.  Plus, I have formed personal friendships within the AMA that are very important to me.  I encourage everyone to join!”

JC Reaguer, 8-Year Member

“Since joining the AMA, I’ve met and worked with the most talented, energetic group of marketers in the region. I’ve tapped many members for their insights and to partner with my organization on projects. In addition to providing an extensive local network, the AMA’s monthly meetings allow me to learn from nationally-recognized marketers at leading organizations and corporations. AMA membership has been extremely valuable to me both professionally and personally.”

Stacy Stufft, 12-Year Member

“I attend as many AMA events as I can – they are great for networking, making contacts and learning.  The most recent luncheon was very interesting and at my table were some really great contacts, and one particular meeting led to an almost immediate order.  The AMA SIGs are a really great educational tool to stimulate the mind.  Plus, at my second SIG I made a wonderful contact who has rewarded me with business!”

Julie Lamp, 6-Year Member

“In more than 20 years as a marketer, I’ve found no single resource more valuable than AMA Cincinnati–and I’ve worked in both CPG and B2B, domestic and international markets, and on the client and agency sides.  It starts with the amazing people who generously share their time, their points of view, and their passion for all aspects of marketing.  It continues with a wonderful range of events where participants can sharpen their marketing chops while having a lot of fun and doing some great networking.  The benefits of AMA membership through the national organization are excellent by themselves; but what AMA Cincinnati offers makes it twice as good.  In fact, I found the job I now hold (and one I enjoy tremendously) through a friend and colleague in the chapter–and I look forward to staying involved in AMA Cincinnati for a long time to come!”

Pete Healy, 7-Year Member

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