One of the best things about the AMA is its breadth and depth of experience in its membership ranks, from those just joining the industry to seasoned professionals who are leading the way, across functional areas, corporate industries, and across the region.

Members Only “Flash Mentoring”

Whether you are a new grad seeking guidance and connections as you enter the workforce, a new manager looking for ways to build credibility and success, a more senior manager with specific leadership challenges, a “department of one” in need of a brainstorming buddy, or a professional at any level who is ready and willing to pay your experience forward by serving as a mentor to others, look no further – you have found your community.

Mentor Seekers

AMA Cincinnati invites you to use us as needed.  When you’re feeling stuck, or have an idea you want to flesh out, when you’re feeling like an island, hitting a roadblock, hoping to capitalize on an opportunity or facing a particular challenge at work, you can turn to your AMA Cincinnati Board and fellow members for advice, brainstorming or connections.

We’re keeping it simple here, matching challenges/opportunities with people who have the experience to help you address the need at hand via “Flash Mentoring”.  Of course, we would love for any/all Flash sessions to grow into continuing mentoring relationships, but that’s entirely up to you!

When you have a situation you would like help addressing, simply fill out this brief “Flash Mentoring” Request form, and we will find you a relevant, experienced mentor within 48 hours.  The only rule is that you must initiate the scheduling of the meeting once you receive your Mentor contact, and respect his or her time by showing up fully engaged, open, prepared and focused.

Please fill out this form, and be ready to take full advantage of the Flash Mentoring session!

Willing Mentors

Our Board is rich with diverse experience, leadership instincts and network.  We are here as a core of standing Mentors, but there are so many more potential Mentors in our midst!  We are seeking any/all professionals willing to be matched up on a point-solution basis.

We will maintain a simple database of areas of expertise, and make connections for coffee or phone meetings as we receive requests from professionals seeking mentorship.  Of course, you are always welcome to continue the relationship, but the goal is to tackle immediate challenges/opportunities via timely meetings.

The only prerequisite is a commitment to respond to Flash Mentorship meeting requests within 48 hours, and to follow through with at least one meeting with your “Flash Mentee”.

Please fill out this simple form, and be on the look out for inquiries!

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