By: Alan See

AMA Cincinnati has offered 2016 Pinnacle Award Winners and Finalists to contribute to the AMA Cincinnati blog to share details and insights about their award-winning projects.

Alan See of CMO Temps, LLC won in the Social Media category and placed as Runner Up in the Small Business category.

Pinnacle Spotlight: CMO Temps, Freelancer Powered Social Media Marketing Initiatives for Small Business

All small businesses, including small marketing organizations struggle with budgets. How do you create the biggest results from the smallest investment? For some small businesses, it may not make sense to use internal talent when outsourced talent can be used in a more cost-efficient way.

My goal over the past 12 months was to leverage outsourced talent, specifically freelancers through, to create relevant marketing content at the greatest value possible. I particularly wanted to focus on engaging video content for distribution through CMO Temps social media channels. The purpose of this content was ultimately to increase brand exposure and drive more traffic to where sales conversations, phone calls and email contact could be initiated in order to drive sales.


  1. Increase brand exposure and credibility through website traffic
  2. Drive consulting revenue


  1. Website volume: Visitor volume increased 123%
  2. Revenue: Increased 100+%

I initiated 116 “gigs” leveraging marketing talent across several disciplines including:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Actors
  • Voice / Reader Talent
  • Writers
  • Video Production
  • Artists

The total cost for those gigs was $1,622 for an average cost of $13.98 per gig; making the return on investment over 100 percent. Those gigs allowed me to produce the 160 videos CMO Temps released over the measurement period. Video content was created in various lengths and formats in order to account for the different parts of the sales funnel, from less than five seconds to over two minutes.

Video content included top line logo branding, funny and entertaining (Minon videos), educational and storytelling formats. Only social media channels were used for distribution:

Challenges involved editing to lengths so that some videos could be loaded directly onto the Twitter platform while others needed to be uploaded to YouTube first. Of course, project management can be tricky at times because you are managing multiple initiatives that involve talent sourced from all over the globe.