By: Debbie Simpson

AMA Cincinnati has offered 2016 Pinnacle Award Winners and Finalists to contribute to the AMA Cincinnati blog to share details and insights about their award-winning projects.

Multi-Craft won in the Small Business category.


Pinnacle Spotlight: Multi-Craft, “Knock! Knock! Who’s There?”

In 1955, The Multi-Print Co. was founded as a small printing company. Over the last 61 years we have changed our name to Multi-Craft and our focus to developing and executing marketing strategy. Our focus is on helping our clients sell more of their products and services.

So, while we’ve won many awards for outstanding quality in print, it is the recognition by the American Marketing Association that is so important for us. It gives us that stamp of approval that we understand marketing strategy – the ability to not only develop the strategy, but to execute it in-house through our talented team.

As with all organizations, Multi-Craft is not only nurturing existing clients, but always on the lookout for new clients. The “Knock! Knock! Who’s There?” campaign was a lead generation effort. The initial spark came from a brainstorming session with our account representatives. The idea took hold and our graphic designer, web designer and online specialist joined in with their ideas. The output was this award-winning, multi-channel campaign.

Our 360 targets encompassed four segments:

  • Advertising agencies in Lexington, Louisville, Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati
  • The largest public/private companies, as listed in the Business Courier Book of Lists in Lexington, Louisville, Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati.
  • Select inactive customers and additional contacts within existing customers, as identified by our sales team.
  • High potential prospects, as identified by our sales team.

We are a great believer that no marketing channel should stand alone. No matter the channel, we believe it will usually perform better when integrated with 1 or 2 other channels. So, for this campaign we used:

  • Direct mail
  • Micro-site
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Video

The campaign consisted of a monthly mailing, with a different door featured each month. If the target opened the door, they could either click on the QR code or enter their personal URL into their browser. They were greeted by a video of one of our sales reps opening the featured door from that month – They also had the opportunity to answer a few questions and receive a free Bluetooth speaker in return. The last mailing of the campaign was our 2016 Calendar, which featured unique doors throughout the tri-state.

This campaign, after 6 months, had an ROI of 240%, as measured by profits generated from the new customers that responded to this campaign, minus the campaign costs. The end return on investment will continue to increase, as we continue to produce projects for these new clients.

Our team is thrilled to receive this recognition by the Cincinnati Chapter of the AMA.