By: Nicole Maddock, St. Elizabeth Healthcare

AMA Cincinnati has offered 2016 Pinnacle Award Winners and Finalists to contribute to the AMA Cincinnati blog to share details and insights about their award-winning projects.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare won Runner Up in Nonprofit for their “Nutrition in a Minute” video series, part of the SmartHealthToday news channel.


Helping the Community Make Healthier Choices, in a Minute

SmartHealthToday, the news channel for St. Elizabeth Healthcare, had a great thing going: a team of well-respected journalists were creating new content every day, a robust publishing schedule, and growing readership. Wanting to reach a younger audience, and equipped with supporting research saying that audiences of that age group were extremely likely to watch a video, especially if it pertained to food or making healthier choices, we decided to switch things up. The “Nutrition in a Minute” video series was born.

“Nutrition in a Minute”, published on our SmartHealthToday news channel, is meant to provide the community with healthy eating and cooking tips in a quick and easily-digestible format for all attention spans. You can view the entire video series here here and on the SmartHealthToday website. The videos were crafted with family decision makers in mind, especially as they bought groceries, and featured—not actors—but real dietitians from St. Elizabeth.

Measures of success were carefully tracked engagement analytics that included time on the site, number of views, and our social media engagement and sharing when we published the videos.

The mission of SmartHealthToday is to provide the community with the best health information and tips they can use to help live healthier lives, all in a to-the-point format. Don’t miss out—or, better yet, subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with us.

Thank you to the team who helped make our Nutrition in a Minute video series a success! This includes the St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center dietitians who starred in the videos, Zoogmedia for the videography and editing, and Vehr Communications for the development and direction.