By: Vehr Communications

AMA Cincinnati has offered 2016 Pinnacle Award Winners and Finalists to contribute to the AMA Cincinnati blog to share details and insights about their award-winning projects.

Vehr Communications won in Best Use of Content Marketing.


Vehr Communications’ 2015 Social CEO Study Wins Pinnacle Award for Best Content Marketing Campaign

At Vehr Communications, we are often asked by clients and business leaders in the community exactly how involved the company’s CEO should be on social media. In order to answer this question, we conducted our third-annual Social CEO Study in 2015. The study assessed the extent to which CEOs of Cincinnati’s top companies use social media. We created context for local CEO social media usage by comparing results of the study to published and publicly reported best practices for CEOs’ usage of social media.

The goals of the content marketing campaign, which was a part of our larger inbound marketing strategy, were to increase awareness of Vehr Communications as a thought leader in the industry, influence CEOs to improve their social media efforts and to generate new business leads.

Our marketing team focused on the following strategies to execute the 2015 Social CEO Study content marketing campaign: 1) A collaborative partnership with Enquirer Media, 2) Inbound marketing efforts including the creation of a landing page and call-to-action buttons, emails to our marketing distribution list announcing study results and a Social CEO-focused edition of our e-newsletter, March Forth, 3) Promotion of the study on the Vehr Communications website, Vr3 and social media channels, and 4) Outreach within the IPREX network and business leaders in the Cincinnati community.

Many of our goals for the Social CEO Study were not only met, but exceeded. Our marketing emails received exceedingly high open and click rates, our landing page form had a high submission rate, our distribution list acquired a significant amount of new followers and our social media results were beyond expectation.

If you’ve not already, please download a copy of our study! You can also peruse additional blog content like our coordinating infographic, a framework for CEO engagement in social media, key takeaways and learnings from VC team members Nick Vehr, Michael Perry and Amy Crowley, as well as interviews with our S.A.G.E (Strategic Advisors, Gurus and Experts) Team members Jack Greiner, Paul Bernish, Denise Kuprionis, Ralf Weber and Ed Burghard.