Time and talent is what helps our chapter deliver value for our AMA members and the Cincinnati marketing community. A unique benefit of being an AMA member is getting to volunteer, and with that, comes opportunities for recognition!

Please join us in recognizing and give a hearty “Congratulations!” to our September Volunteers and Board Members of the month.

???????? September 2018 Volunteer of the Month: Kari McLean

  • Professional role: A recent transplant from Chicago, Kari is a marketing communications strategist and writer in search of a Greater Cincinnati career home. She uses a wide range of communication channels to influence diverse audiences to action.
  • AMA Volunteer position: Marketing Campaign Manager
  • Reason for recognition (aka “AMA super power”): A new member of the MarCom committee and the first to raise her hand whenever volunteer help is needed, Kari got right to work supporting the communications campaign for the American Marketing Association’s new Executive Marketer Community. In addition to that campaign, she went above and beyond as a critical part of the MarCom team for AMA Cincinnati’s IGNITE Regional Conference.
  • Fun fact: A fan of roller derby,  Kari attended the first ever Roller Derby World Cup and is looking forward to watching her new team, the Cincinnati Roller Girls, on October 13.


???????? September 2018 Volunteer of the Month: Mitch Tidman

  • Professional role: Owner & Managing Director, Palladium Marketing
  • AMA Volunteer position: Communities Facilitator – Customer Experience & Sales Enablement (CX & SE)
  • Reason for recognition (aka “AMA super power”): Mitch led an amazing Community workshop on Aug. 21, “BACK TO TRADESHOW,” in which attendees got 2.5 hours of hard-hitting, best and next practice advice for all marketers gearing up for a fall trade show season.
  • Fun fact: “I’m British but have lived longer both in France and the US, than I have in the UK.”


???????? September 2018 Board Member of the Month: Afton Palmer

  • Professional role: Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Pep Promotions
  • AMA Volunteer position: VP Talent Management
  • Reason for recognition (aka “AMA super power”): Afton has been recruiting volunteers and placing them on committees with extra fervor in the summer months. She also made amazing contributions to the chapter’s 288-page Chapter Excellence Award (CEA*).
  • Fun fact: “From Winnie the Pooh to the Boston Bruins, I love bears. They are my favorite animal. I have more than 60 Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals.”


???????? September 2018 Board Member of the Month: Gabrielle Walter

  • Professional Role: Account Manager at Ipsos
  • AMA Volunteer position: VP Membership
  • Reason for recognition (aka “AMA super power”): Gabrielle made amazing contributions to the chapter’s 288-page Chapter Excellence Award (CEA*), essentially the entire Membership section! She also has some new ideas up her sleeve about email drip and nurture campaigns for new and prospective members that she has laid the groundwork for.
  • Fun Fact: Gabrielle has an eye for finding 4-leaf clovers and has found 250+ over the years!


*What are the CEAs, you ask? It’s the chance for local chapters to submit information about the previous year for potential national recognition within the AMA. Learn more here.)



????????Thank you, Kari, Mitch, Afton, and Gabrielle! Keep up the great work.????????