Author: Dennis Devlin
I could not be prouder of what AMA Cincinnati has achieved during my board tenure, including recognition from the AMA Support Center through the Chapter Excellence Awards program. Here’s my take on our recent sweep of the awards.

AMA Cincinnati sits down with Mindy Rosen, Senior Vice President, Communications and Strategic Initiatives for Downtown Cincinnati Inc. (DCI) to talk about local marketing, recent successes of some major new initiatives that occurred in Cincinnati this year.

By: Mike Corak
Earlier this year in Cincinnati, I had the pleasure and honor of presenting to the AMA chapter on digital trends and prioritization. Now, let’s revisit some of those trends and see how they’ve panned out.

Author: Dennis Devlin
Dennis Devlin recently had the distinct pleasure of participating in experience design collaborative innovation workshops held at AMA’s Chicago offices. Here’s his account of the experience.

Author: Eric Brown
Do you want to know a secret? Companies can reduce costs to recruit marketers by several thousand dollars each year, if only they made better use of the local resources available to them. One of those resources is right here in Cincinnati: the AMA.

Author: Afton Palmer
There are dozens of ad agencies and marketing companies in the Cincinnati area. Having been an intern at one of Cincinnati’s top advertising agencies has shown me just how much opportunity is available…

In case you haven’t heard (link to event page), Russ Klein, CEO of AMA, is coming to Cincinnati on Thursday, Aug. 11, to help AMA Cincinnati kick off the 2016-2017 programming year. Here are four reasons this is a not-to-miss event.

Author: Amy Goodman
Sometimes referred to as a “necessary evil”, networking may present dilemmas from time to time for professional marketers. Amy is here to tell you it’s okay to network–with 10 reasons why.

Author: Dennis Devlin
Dennis Devlin has been a member and volunteer of AMA for 32 years, but has never been as excited about being involved in the AMA as right now. Read more about what he will focus on throughout the 2016-2017 year…

Author: Gina Bonar, Simcha Kackley
AMA Cincinnati President Gina Bonar & Past President Simcha Kackley address the magic and excitement to come in the 2016-2017 chapter year, from rebranding to the intellectual agenda.

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