Topic: What Marketers need to know about SEO
Facilitator: Phil Wiseman, Founder of Analytics That Profit

Topic: Discoverability | Three Integrated Teams. One Powerhouse
Facilitators: Emily Conklin and Lewis Mergler with YMLY&R

Topic: Leading the Revolution. Let’s Blow this SH*t Up!
Facilitator: Shawn Nason, founder and CEO, Nason Group

Topic: Videos that Convert and Won’t Bust Your Budget
Facilitators: Kendra Ramirez, CEO, Kendra Ramirez Digital Agency, and Casey Williams, Vice President and Senior Producer, Spotted Yeti Media

Topic: How to Boost Your Business with Conversational Marketing in 2020
Facilitator: James Wolf, digital marketer & founder of Viral Wolf

Topic: Podcasting – how I got started and what I have learned throughout the process
Facilitator: Sarah Brown with Health Carousel 

Topic: How to Align Marketing and Sales Successfully
Facilitator: Vicki O’Neill, KenKay Marketing

Topic: Outsourcing vs. Insourcing: How to Tackle Your Marketing Challenges
Facilitators:  Kendra Ramirez and Barry Williams

Topic: Beyond the Buzz: Growth Marketing
Facilitator: Brandon Lipman, Founder of Redwhale

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