Author: Eric Brown
Do you want to know a secret? Companies can reduce costs to recruit marketers by several thousand dollars each year, if only they made better use of the local resources available to them. One of those resources is right here in Cincinnati: the AMA.

I’m not a blogger, or a writer. I am new to the marketing industry. But when I went to the Ann Handley “Bigger Bolder Braver” Signature Speaker Series and workshop in April, I realized I am more involved with writing and marketing than I had initially thought.

Seven members of the Cincinnati AMA board made a trek up to Chicago the last weekend of April for the annual AMA Leadership Summit.

From Matt Fischer’s vantage point, business is good, and the economy is strengthening.

If you’ve been on the fence about joining the American Marketing Association, the time to act is now.

After Ann Handley’s inspiring presentation, what are you most inspired to be? Bigger, Bolder, or Braver? Why?

Kerri Thomas recently volunteered with Cincinnati AMA, sitting on April’s Recruiter Panel hosted by AMA Young Professionals at the Metropolitan Club. Get to know Kerri, in her words!

This week is National Volunteer Week. In light of #NVW2016, I’d like to make a case for volunteering with Cincinnati AMA.

Inspired by April’s Recruiters Tell All Panel organized by the Cincinnati AMA YP Group, there are evergreen skills and qualities candidates should exemplify in the job search, interviewing and role acceptance process.

As marketers, we love our jobs and the work we do, right? Recruiter advice—and their differing perspectives—is invaluable whether you’re happy where you are, in transition or zeroing in on that next role.

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