Author: Mitch Tidman
Your job as a marketer is not to collect leads from the show. Your job is to provide actionable data to your organization. Check out these tricks of the trade (show) to help your team arrive ready to go out on the floor and make your brand known.

Author: Amy Mersch
How are marketing and sales professionals approaching CX in their organizations? How do you map your own customer experience journey? What part does company culture play in delivering experiences? AMA Cincinnati’s new CX and Sales Enablement Community explores these questions and more.

Author: Don Gray
With the vast communications networks available to us, one can say we live in a connected world. But, as salespeople, are we using it correctly?

By: Suzanne Buzek
Lots can go wrong when planning a marketing campaign, but many mistakes are avoidable. Working smart with your team can help you avoid these eight pitfalls.

Author: Eric Brown
What if you added a multimedia component to the direct mail piece that might otherwise get thrown away? Eric Brown shares the possibilities–and how you can say goodbye to the typical abysmal 2 percent response rate.

Author: Don Gray
Founding principals are often very good at what they do, and have successful small- and mid-sized businesses. But sometimes no sales culture is established. Here I lay out the responsibilities of small business owners to do just that.

Author: Don Gray
I hear much discussion about how sales has changed: There is a new paradigm out there. Buyers are different, etc. I contend that the real role of sales hasn’t changed. What has changed is the tremendous availability of data and information.

Author: Don Gray
Over the many years that I have been in the sales world, I have learned that there are three things that, when put together effectively, can drive predictable sales results.

Author: Don Gray
Good organization, good sales representatives, interest in growing their businesses, but no sales to show it? I’ve worked with these companies, and in my experience often discover that the challenge isn’t just selling. It may be The Business of Sales.

Author: Don Gray
I have been an advocate for years that what governs our selling is not our sales process but rather the customer’s buying process. But if selling on social gets you in the door, what’s next?

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