Content: Suzanne Buzek

Inspired by April’s Recruiters Tell All Panel organized by the Cincinnati AMA YP Group, there are evergreen skills and qualities candidates should exemplify in the job search, interviewing and role acceptance process. Here are some to consider:

Skills/Qualities Needed

  • Executive presence
  • Confidence
  • Writing (“A clearly articulated recommendation to management for your business and brand is almost a lost skill.” Sylvia Buxton, VP, Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle)
  • Excellent communication skills–writing and verbal
  • Passion
  • Self-awareness — This includes knowing your weaknesses and being able to communicate them in an interview. “I work too hard” doesn’t fly with recruiters and hiring managers!
  • Well-rounded business knowledge
  • Ability to handle the unexpected (Think: Could take an impromptu walk around the office and meet the rest of the team?)

Other Stand-Out Advice

  • Be prepared AND excited (“If you’re not nervous for an interview, fake it!” Angie Taylor, President, Taylor Career Strategies)
  • Build your work, resume and interview responses around clearly-defined measurable outcomes
  • State your potential value to the company
  • Be relatable through interests and personality
  • Articulate transferable skills. Connect the dots of your career, no matter how varied your past roles may be
  • Envision how you fit into the future of the company, not just the job description
  • Culture chemistry is everything. Respect it

Of course, there’s always more advice and insight to be shared. Stay tuned for future Recruiter Panel events and join us to learn invaluable advice whether you’re happily hiring, on the move or zeroing in on that next role!

Are you a recruiter who wants to join our panel? Contact Justine Daley, AMA VP, Young Professionals.