Why You Need to Meet Russ Klein

In case you haven’t heard, Russ Klein, CEO of AMA, is coming to Cincinnati on Thursday, Aug. 11, to help AMA Cincinnati kick off the 2016-2017 programming year. Here are four reasons this is a not-to-miss event:

  1. Be inspired. Russ Klein isn’t the CEO of AMA because he had his name picked out of a hat. He is an extremely accomplished marketer who has worked with brands like Dr Pepper/7UP, 7-Eleven and Burger King. He has been the driving force behind AMA transforming from an organization that sells memberships to an organization that provides experiences. Those experiences are learning about and participating in the broader intellectual agenda with marketers around the world, benefiting from the high caliber of local programming and networking opportunities, and taking advantage of the exclusive opportunities (global job postings, regional conferences, volunteer and leadership opportunities to hone new skills) offered by AMA.
  2. Learn about (and lean into) AMA. You don’t have to be an AMA member to attend this event. We welcome guests to get acquainted with who we are as Cincinnati’s essential marketing community. Or maybe you’re a member and have only been able to make it to a few events since joining. This is your time to learn and talk with fellow members and guests about what they get out of being in AMA, what programming they like to attend, and more. Plus, you may have noticed our change in “wardrobe”, you could say, with adopting the new AMA brand. The visual makeover is paired with the continued dedication to bring in knockout speakers (both local out-of-town), providing spectacular events and offering the prestige of recognition for amazing work. This is a fun year to get involved and be a part of it all.
  3. Network with local marketers representing the broad spectrum of our field. Corporate marketers, #Agencylife marketers, Marketing Departments of One, small business marketers, freelancers, sales-oriented marketers, “don’t-talk-numbers-with-me-I’m-a-designer” marketers, “new in town” marketers, “I grew up here” marketers … I could go on and on. Cincinnati is lucky to have such a diverse marketing community where you can branch out and meet marketers who work within any discipline.
  4. Rooftop. Drinks. Really, that’s two reasons, but I threw them into one. Pair that with expected pleasant weather and you are bound to have a good time. 84.51 has been gracious enough to let us occupy their gorgeous space the night. As a social person myself, I know the personal torture that is FOMO. I would hate for anyone to go through that experience by not being there!
    (Psst, there might be an after-event hangout at Mita’s on the first floor of 84.51. The drunken goat cheese is exquisite.)

Register today on Eventbrite, and we’ll see you next Thursday for a night of magic!